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2th km Katerini-N.Efessos - PO BOX 8
PC 60100
Tel. +30 23510 35758
Fax. +30 23510 45871

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About ALEX Brass Factory

who is ALEX

The company ALEX
was established in 1984
at Katerini, 70 klm south of Thessaloniki.

Our activities

The company’s activity is the production
of various turned brass fittings.

The last 10 years the company concentrated in the
construction of quick connect couplings and various fittings
for compressed air.All our products are manufactured with advanced CNC and
conventional automatic lathes.

Our company exports the products at large and middle-sized companies
all over Europe. The largest part of the production is distributed in the German market.

Quality - the cornerstones of ALEX operations

Every product is inspected scholastically and systematically on each production cycle.
Especially the quick connect couplings are inspected electronically one by one to check the functionality and the air tightness.

Our suppliers are certificated according to the DIN-ISO 9001:2008 and therefore guarantee a high level of materials.

Our expertise (know-how), our long-time experience and our persistence in fulfilling the needs of our customers, constitutes provisions that lead to the continuous growth of the company ALEX.


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